Etheris service: a new solution for Ethereum owners

Etheris service: a new solution for Ethereum owners

The Etheris team of developers is pleased to welcome you to the website for management of popular decentralized crypto-currency named Ethereum. Being the second in the world in terms of capitalization, this digital currency is just starting its development, but has already been recognized among the users of cryptocurrencies. We, developers of this platform, are crypto enthusiasts from different countries; we share common goals and ideas about development of digital currencies in general. It was us who came up with the idea of creating an absolutely new, safe service for Ethereum transfers, and we are the first to propose an API solution for businesses and websites who want to support development of crypto-industry, and get a higher profit by connecting automatic acceptance of coins at their websites.

The Etheris platform is intended for replacing the existing services for storing Ethereum, since we believe that most of them do not satisfy people's needs for a simple and reliable wallet. We provide a possibility of secure storage for your crypto-assets, without downloading capacious blocks of Ethereum block-chains to their computers, only by configuring security in user's account and safely using the wallet online.

Our mission is to develop cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum in particular, around the world. This is an alternative to the traditional payment systems and fiat money, emission of which is controlled by Central Issuers. People have long been ready to throw off the shackles of slavery and total control that are imposed by the financial system. The Etheris team, together with the rest of the crypto world, is challenging the outdated practices of the state and the banking system policy. By developing decentralized digital currencies, we are bringing society to a qualitatively new stage of development, where everyone will be able to manage his finance independently!

Best wishes,
Etheris team